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For over four decades, UNITED BEDDING INDUSTRIES has remained dedicated to crafting mattresses that redefine the essence of a restful night’s sleep. Our commitment lies in creating bedding solutions that transcend expectations, offering our valued customers an unparalleled sleep experience.

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, United Bedding specializes in an array of mattress designs tailored to suit diverse preferences. From steel coil spring beds to individually pocketed coil units, and from one and two-sided models to Visco memory foam and gel beds, we prioritize innovation and comfort in every product we manufacture. Moreover, our catalog extends to include specialized models catered explicitly to the hospitality, healthcare, and recreational industries.

Unlike our competitors who prioritize low prices and inexpensive offerings, we recognize that the cornerstone of customer satisfaction lies in the quality of sleep. At United Bedding, we guarantee an indulgent slumber by meticulously crafting each product with exclusive components, ensuring exceptional benefits that surpass mere affordability. Experience the difference with United Bedding Industries — where comfort meets craftsmanship, and sleep is truly elevated to an art form.

*United Bedding is a mattress manufacturer. We sell only to distributors.

Mattress Manufacturers near me Mattress Manufacturers near me Mattress Manufacturers near me

Mattress Manufacturers near me
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