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Mattress Components


Mattress Components Mattress Components Mattress Components

Mattress Components

Our exclusive components make our mattresses completely original and distinguished from others. Our encased coil increases support by 60%. Our exclusive high quality and high density foam is used in our mattresses to respond to the your weight and temperature, alleviating pressure points.

Core: Our exclusive innerspring, consists of a series of wire coils that are attached to one another. Your body weight is distributed evenly, along with a heavy gauge border that makes it more resistant.

Comfort Layers: our high- density comfort layers ensure total stability end to end providing comfort and support.

VertiCoil™;   PRODUCT SHEET Innersprings are the heart of our mattresses and provide the support that makes for comfortable sleeping. The authentic and extraordinary VertiCoil ™ Edge was designed specifically to firm and respond to body weight and the natural movements you make when you’re sleeping. It also has more coils, providing better support from the top of the mattress all the way to the edges.

Take a closer look at how we make it easy for you to sell the VertiCoil Edge over the industry standard. Remember, the key benefit for your customer is a more consistent sleeping surface. Here’s why:

Mattress Components


No need to make excuses about why mattress support may vary around the edge. Now you can assure your customer that they can rest comfortably … anywhere – even on the edge of their new mattress. This is an assurance your customer will love.

21% more coils*.
The VertiCoil Edge has a higher count than the industry standard. A higher count means more support for your customer’s body and that’s more news you can use!

18% more coils
(357 5/0 = 460, 312 5/0 = 390)

21% more coils
(396 5/0 = 504, 336 5/0 = 416)

Your customer gets MORE surface coverage.
That means more body support and a better night’s sleep compared to industry standard units. Take a good look at our unique VertiCoil Edge spring. It’s one more reason why the VertiCoil Edge is better than the industry standard.

ComfortCore™: Minimized motion disturbance. Tossing and turning doesn’t have to be a shared experience.

With each coil flexing independently of the other, Comfort Core diminishes the disturbance caused by a partner moving. So a spouse won’t wake their partner (and a toddler jumping on the bed won’t wake a sleeping baby).

Superior core support. As soon as your customers curl up on a mattress with Comfort Core, they’ll experience immediate comfort and softness delivered from the top of the coil.

Then they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the firm and responsive support originating from the coil’s bottom section.

Unbelievable comfort-ability. Our Comfort Cores definitely have a sensitive side.

They literally conform to the unique contours of a person’s body and react intelligently to them – adjusting instantly to individual sleep movements.

Mattress Components



Our coils are engineered to last. We make sure that every one of our high-tensile coils is stress-relieved for lasting resilience – not every manufacturer does that! So they actually hold their designed shape, feeling the same at home as they do in the showroom even after years of use.We’re at the top of the technology game.

Along with owning more patents than anyone in the sleeping industry, we also own the most technically advanced encased-coil machines. And we’re always upgrading that technology, because we know we’re only as good as our latest innovation.

We’re control freaks in the best way. We’re involved in every single process – even supplying our wire from our very own mills. And that translates into the best quality control. In fact, we test our beds at every stage, even as they’re made on the production line, and we have more quality measures in place than any other manufacturer.

Our flexibility knows no bounds. The beauty of owning every step of the manufacturing process is that we can change our wire diameters at any point, as well as the construction of our springs. So we have total freedom to offer ever-higher levels of comfort, along with the widest product selection available.

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