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Mattress Sizes Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes

Twin or Single Size

More commonly known as a twin size mattress, it is also referred to as “a single.” This is a great size for children and teenagers.

Investing in a quality twin mattress can sometimes last a child all the way to college.

Mattress Sizes

Full or Double Size

More commonly known as a full size mattress, it is also referred to as “a double.” A full size is the same height as a twin but is wider.

Its a great bed for a child that tends to move a lot from side to side.

Mattress Sizes

Queen Size

The most popular mattress size, a queen is large enough to comfortably fit an adult couple. Its height is more than a twin and full, but the same as a king.

Upgrading to a king gives more room width-wise (6 inches).

King Size

There are two types of king size mattresses: Eastern King and California King. The Eastern King is usually referred to just as “King” and is as tall as a queen but wider.

The California King usually is shortened to “Cal King” and is taller than a regular king (4 inches taller) but less width-wise (4 inches).

Mattress Sizes
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